Long Distance Moving Services

Amherst national moving and storage is a luxury long-distance moving service company with over years of combined experience in the industry. Our services include luxurious local, long-distance, commercial and international moving services.

Long-distance moves differ from the common local moves which usually cover short distance and metro areas within the state. Long-distance moving covers the state lines and additionally across the countries. They are also referred to as an interstate or a state-to-state move.
Regardless of the distance, every move should possess a federal authority of the state abiding the laws and regulations. This includes the insurance requirements which are engraved to protect consumer goods in the course of long-distance moves.

This is where one would need to discern between long-distance moving companies from the fraudulent movers who do not hold any authenticity with their moving agency and try to make huge money or profit out of their moving agency.

Long distance moving services:

  • Packing
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Storage
  • Residential Moving

Packing on a long-distance move would be the greatest hitch of all time. It is always considered a lighter factor when it comes to moving across states or countries, yet customers who handle more fragile items would definitely never overlook packaging services.